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Black Removal Products - Homemade Solutions To Remove Molds

Black Removal Products – Homemade Solutions To Remove Molds

If you discover that your home has become infested with black mold, you can consider three possible solutions to the problem. You may hire a professional mold removal company, you may try and clean the mold yourself, or you may choose to ignore the problem. 

Hiring an expert may mean spending a significant amount to get the job done.  Although this is probably a smart move, you may not consider this the best option if you have limited cash. 

Ignoring the problem should not even be an option because not dealing with a mold infestation immediately can lead to serious health consequences.  The best option left for you perhaps is to deal with the problem yourself and look for the best black mold removal products available.

There are several good black mold removal products in the market today, so it should not be that difficult to choose the right one that can clean the mold in your house.  You can choose between buying an all-in-one cleansing agent or a product that has to be mixed with a solvent.   Although there is some convenience in buying a ready-mix product, it can actually be smarter to learn which products can be mixed together to get the best results. 

One of the most common cleaning mixes used for removing mold and mildew is simply one cup of bleach for every one gallon of water.  You can also try a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water, although some prefer to use pure vinegar and not dilute it with water.  Some people have also discovered tea tree oil as a natural mold remover.  Mix one teaspoon of the oil with one cup of water.  You will only need to use a small amount because this product has a very strong smell and is quite expensive.

Hydrogen peroxide is a more common cleaning agent that people can also use for mold removal.  Using a rag or a sponge, simply pour some on the infested area and wipe it clean.  Dispose of the rag or the sponge immediately after use to avoid contaminating other areas of the house.  Pure lemon juice is also quite effective in eliminating mold and mildew.  Some people also mix one tablespoon of borax powder mixed with one cup of water and use this mixture to clean small colonies of mold.

These homemade cleaning mixtures are just some of the natural mold removal products that you can use inside the home. Using these ingredients in their purest form will give the best results.  When using these products, make sure that you protect your eyes by wearing an eye gear, as well as your hands and arms by wearing gloves that extend up to your elbows. 

These are authentic do-it-yourself natural mold removal products that are not only cheaper compared with other chemical cleaning agents but are also environmental-friendly.  Organic cleaning agents do not pose as much health risks as chemical products because they are made of natural ingredients. 

Mixing your own black mold removal products and cleaning the infected area yourself can save you some cash, but if the problem persists, you should consider hiring a professional who can probably handle the task of mold removal better.

Mold Removal Costs - How To Avoid Hefty Fees

Mold Removal Costs – How To Avoid Hefty Fees

Molds inside your home should not be ignored because they can actually do more damage than you think. 

Most people are not even aware that they have mold colonies at home that may be causing their health problems such as frequent sneezing, nose bleeds, migraines and even ulcers.  These health risks should not be taken for granted because the costs of medicines and doctor visits could be a lot higher than the actual mold removal costs

If the mold infestation is minimal, you may actually try and remove the mold yourself.  Damages on structures such as carpeted floor or the drywall may not be too obvious, so if you decide to do the mold cleaning yourself, make sure you check all places where mold may breed.  Some affected areas may easily be cleaned with mold removal products.  However, if the mold spores have already spread in large areas of the house, it is best to engage the services of a professional mold remover.

How much do these professionals usually charge for their services?  Mold removal costs actually vary from one location to the next.  Also, the fees that professionals charge will depend on how extensive the damage is and on what type of mold is causing the problem. 

On the average, expect to pay a professional mold remover to charge about $2,000 to $10,000. Some homeowners may hesitate to pay this much, but if the damage can no longer be controlled, or if family members are getting sick because of the mold, it is still smart to hire professionals to deal with the problem.

Toxic mold, if left unattended can spread to areas in the house and cause health risks. People react to mold in different ways, depending on their sensitivity levels.  Some may just exhibit the symptoms of common allergies such as sneezing, coughing, skin irritations and eye itching.  However, there are some who are extra sensitive and may experience more severe symptoms.

There are victims to mold infestation who have suffered from seizures, joint pains, black outs, swollen lymph nodes, jaundice, and even death.  Those who have severe reactions usually have very weak or underdeveloped immune systems, or they may already have other autoimmune conditions.

You may cringe at the thought of spending so much money for mold removal but think of the risks that you may have to face when constantly exposing yourself and your family to mold.  You may think that the practical solution is just to clean the molded area yourself, but you may end up spending more because the mold infested area is not totally cleaned. You need to be aware also, that in some states, it is illegal to do a DIY mold removal.

So mold removal costs may seem too high at first sight, but if you deal with the right professional mold removers, you may actually be saving more dollars from not having to spend for medical costs caused by mold infestation. You can also check if your home insurance company will cover some of the fees associated with home mold removal. Once you find you can breathe easier and you no longer experience the symptoms mentioned above, you will most likely say that spending the money for mold removal is a smart thing to do.


Black Mold Removal – Should You Hire A Professional?

If you have recently identified black mold colonies inside your home, you may start wondering if it is necessary to hire a mold removal company. Remember that if the affected area is less than 30 square feet, you can actually do some basic clean up and repair steps that can help solve the problem. However, it is also possible that you may not see the extent of black mold infestation because mold can easily spread in hidden areas such as under the carpet, on walls or floors. This is when hiring a professional for black mold removal is a smarter move, because they have the equipment to check even mold hidden in walls, floors, and ceilings.

A mold removal company will do an initial inspection to understand the origin and type of mold that is present inside your home. They will use the right equipment to check the presence of mold spores in the air and investigate how the mold may be causing allergic reactions. Black mold releases mycotoxins that when inhaled or ingested can cause severe reactions among people who have weak immune symptoms.


Black mold removal is done by a professional expert often includes cleaning up hard-to-reach areas that are not visible to the common eye. The basement, the attic, kitchens, and bathrooms are the usual places where mold develops due to the humid and moist environment that can sustain mold growth. However, there are also hidden spaces such as the ductwork in the attic and walls, as well as the crawl space under your home. If you do the inspection by yourself, you may not be able to see these places and even after you clean up an infested area, chances are, there are other areas inside your home where tiny mold colonies will again start to develop.



Costs related to mold removal can vary, depending on the size of the contaminated area, how many rooms or areas of the house are affected and how extensive the process of mold removal will be. Homes that have been previously damaged by water due to flooding or seriously damaged pipe leaks will cost more, especially if the wall ducts are also affected. If the ducts have to be replaced, the repair cost can range from $2,000 to $6,000. Cleaning up a small area such as a crawlspace will usually be as low as $500. It is best to ask for a quote from several mold removal companies in order to compare their fees and services.

The Company

When choosing a company for black mold removal, make sure that you are dealing with professionals who are state-certified. Deal with companies that are legitimate and can present references from recent clients. A good contractor will also offer to do a routine post test a few months after the cleanup.

In cases where the infested area is less than 30 square feet, you can actually do the mold clean up yourself, using commercial products such as baking soda or distilled vinegar. However, hiring experts for black mold removal can actually save you more money that you may have to spend on medicines and hospital bills if your family’s health gets compromised due to mold exposure.